Champagne Leroy-Meirhaeghe




Passionate about nature and our craft, the Maison Leroy Meirhaeghe winery has developed an “eco-sensitive” philosophy, resulting in a winemaking process that is both responsible and respects the traditions and savoir-faire of this unique region. We believe that the quality of our work is what gives our champagnes their prestige.

The power of observation and the desire to continue learning more and more about the soil, vegetation, climate and other elements involved in our work can only enrich and continue to improve our winemaking craft.

We have been working without herbicides for several years now; this means that the vines are once again becoming a haven for the flora, insects, microbial organisms and fauna that live around our vineyards – we see them all as valued allies. In addition, planting grass and mechanical maintenance also help us to keep our soil in good health. Although this makes our work longer and harder, we take enormous pride and satisfaction in our healthier, quality-driven approach.